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Medical Massage

Medical massage is mostly about who pays.  Every session should have a specific outcome and an improvement in the condition. When an insurance company is paying (Medical Massage) as opposed to when a Patient or client pays, the insurance company wants to know that the treatment is working for the benefit of the patient.  Improvement in pain reduction and increased range of motion are two of the best indicators that the therapy is working.

In Texas anyone involved in an automobile accident can receive treatment of their choice and an insurance company will pay reasonable charges and reasonable numbers of session time.  No doctor is required for this, however in many cases a serious injury should be seen by a doctor before coming to a massage therapist for treatment.  This protects the patient, insures that there is a real injury and can secure benefits for the accident victim.  Also, it is important for the patient to have all internal and external injuries noted.  Even a slight impact can cause major injuries.

Most doctors even with their X-Rays and MRI’s cannot detect myofascial restrictions and nerve impingements and alterations to the Cranial Sacral System.  Since 90% of pain is felt in these systems, it is important to get evaluated and treated by a therapist who knows how to treat these injuries.

Regular insurance policies from most companies do not cover treatment by massage therapist.  One of the major reasons is that there is not a rigorous standard and an insurance company does not have a guarantee that the appropriate care will be provided.  They do want to protect their client.

Medical Massage National Certification is one way to help insure that there is a reasonable guarantee that the therapist is qualified to deliver real care that makes improvements. A lot of additional training beyond the state required license is required to provide excellent care for injured patients that an insurance company will pay for.
Anyone can rub oil on and give a massage, but true treatment massage for pain, injuries, and dysfunction may not even use oil and will address the injuries more like an Osteopathic Doctor would to treat soft tissue injuries.  The difference is miles apart in their evaluation, treatment, and outcomes.  If you want relaxation almost anyone can do this, but if you need serious treatment go to the best trained therapist with an excellent history of proven results.

Park Bishop is that kind of a therapist