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About Park Bishop

Just one of the many letters of appreciation received:

Park, I am so impressed with the results of my session with you earlier today.  I will try to describe what I am seeing and experiencing.

Regarding the imbalance in my face:  my glasses, which sat very unevenly across my face, now are almost square.  I can tell that my right ear is lower than it was, matching the left ear very nicely.  My right eyebrow previously slanted downward on the lateral edge instead of having a nice arch.  In addition, I had a right droopy eyelid.  Now both eyebrows are arched evenly, and I no longer have the droopy eyelid.  This is also affecting the vertical, deep crease I previously had between my eyebrows (more toward the right one).  Now I hardly have any crease there at all.  This is unbelievable!

Park, you did some visceral manipulations, saying that my stomach was the major culprit.  About an hour after finishing our session, I began having major gas emissions every few minutes for about four hours.  That is over with now, and I feel very good.

I feel very loose and relaxed all over.  Thank you so much for your wonderful work.  I look forward to continue receiving bodywork from you.

B. B.