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The Cranial Sacral System

Anatomists have divided the body into 12 different systems.  They are all very important to your life, but this system is one of the most important and least understood.  This is the system consisting of the Brain, the Brain stem, the Spinal cord and the covering of all is this the three layer Dural Tube.  The Cerebral Spinal fluid is in between the three layers.

Cerebral Spinal fluid is pumped on a regular basis up the Spinal Cord and over the top of the Brain and then flows down toward the Sacrum where it all starts over again 6 to 14 times a minute all life long.  This motion is so gentle and so slight that most do not feel it or even know it exist.  However, a trained person can feel this motion on anyone and can tell disturbances in it.  This fluid and the constant pumping is how the Brain is nourished and cleansed.

Another unique characteristic of the Cranial Sacral System is that this pumping action causes the single bones (Sacrum, Sternum, Forehead, Mandible {the Jaw Bone}, Sphenoid, and the Occipital bone to have a general down and up motion.  All the pared bones have generally a lateral and medial motion.

In American schools most teaching says that the Cranial bones are fixed and fused.  However, they each have their separate motions and they are not fused.  They all move in their appropriate motion. When any of the bones do not have their proper motion there is some major or minor degree of dysfunction.  When this motion is discordant enough, there is pain, reduced range of motion, nerve interference, and some degree of dysfunction.  A twisted Brain Stem is one of the most disturbing, and also the most overlooked.

Every bone and every organ moves in a motion all the time.  When it move correctly as designed, most all is well, and if not there is pain and dysfunction.
Every joint in the spine and the arms and legs have another unique motion in that they move toward and away from each other in a very small motion.  They also rotate in opposite directions.

These articulations (where bones touch each other) when distorted do not show up on X-Rays or on MRI’s.  You have to put your hands on the body and feel these motions.  You cannot even see them in most cases.

Central to correcting the body is to know what the optimum motion should be, determine the motion that is happening, and correcting it with very gently correction movements.  Understanding and correcting these movements is at the very heart of The Cranial Sacral Alignment Technique.

Gravity and the rotation of the Earth adversely affect this system.  Most people have a twisted Dural Tube and this throws off the motion to every joint in the body.  There are over 400 joints in the body and 63 just in the head.  Pain and dysfunction can be anywhere. Joints out of place cause wear and tear, as well as distort the body.  After 24 hours of any injury any misalignment becomes the new normal and the body’s natural instinct to correct itself back to its optimum position and motion assumes the dislocated position is now normal.  This is why some correction procedures can take a long time to restore. The body has a built in intelligence and wants to correct any misalignment.  Essential to this process is correct nerve transmission.  But if there is any distortion that presses or kinks, or blocks nerve transmission, the body cannot heal itself and make the necessary corrections.

A study done by Dr. Henry Winsor at the University of Pennsylvania in 1921 where 50 cadavers were dissected and the diseased organs nerves were traced back to the root where that major nerve exited the Spine proved to be damaged or fixed and this interference caused the organ to be diseased.  Diet or toxic exposure was not considered.  There was a 98% correlation to the diseased organs and the distortion at the spinal level.  So you can see that a correct Spinal Alignment is absolutely essential to optimum health.

Every nerve from the Brain passes through the outer layer of the Dural Tube and the Cranial Sacral Spinal Alignment corrects both the nerve location exiting the Dural Tube and as it exits the bone in the Spine on its way to the organ, skin or muscle. This system accomplishes both of these critical junctures of the nerves.  Most other therapies do not address this completely.

A twisted Dural Tube causes the pared bones to move more noticeably in a forward and backward motion and less in the lateral and medial movement. Also, pared bones should move in the same direction at the same time and travel the same distance.  These moves are very slight, but can be felt by a trained therapist. This misalignment will cause the single bones to not only move down and up, but will have an adverse rotation slightly forward and backward. This motion twists the Brain Stem can causes major dysfunction and is almost never suspected.  Most do not know how to detect, and treat this condition. Cranial Nerve 10 is the most disturbed because it goes to every gland, organ, valve, sphincter, and monitors breathing, digestion, sleep patterns, eyesight, and bowl and bladder controls. This is most important to correct for a healthy body.